Department of Child Education


Towards child education that respects the cultural diversity of today’s society

Degree Programs: School Education, Early Childhood Education

Aiming to realize a shared global society through educating the next generation, this department fosters primary-level educators who possess a broad, inclusive perspective on global society and the skills to recognize and practically solve issues among children and schools from various viewpoints. The department has established two academic areas to achieve these aims.

  • School Education: We engage in education and research with a focus on primary education, including education philosophy, education systems, education program contents and methods. We also concentrate on special support from the perspective of inclusive education.
  • Early Childhood Education: We engage in education and research with a focus on infant education, including education philosophy systems, daycare programs and methods. We also examine primary education from the perspective of infant-primary collaborative education.

For both areas, by combining pedagogy with practical training in schools, we cultivate the fundamental research abilities needed to explore childhood education, while at the same time, foster practical leadership skills in a primary educator.


Kazushige Akagi Associate Professor Psychology of Developmental Disabilities
Toshio Funaki Professor Japanese History of Education, Pedagogy
Ryo Hasegawa Associate Professor Music Education, Philosophy of Music Education, Improvisation
Shigenori Inagaki Professor Science Education
Ayako Kawaji Associate Professor Instruction, Curriculum, and Human Development
Takashi Kinoshita Professor Developmental Psychology
Sachiko Kitano Associate Professor Early Childhood Education
Shohei Kokudo Professor Growth and Development of Children, Test and Measurement in Health and Physical Education
Tsuyoshi Meguro Associate Professor Children's Literature, Japanese Language Education
Natsuko Nakatani Associate Professor Early Childhood Care and Education, Family Relations
Yasuyuki Okabe Professor Mathematics Education
Kazuko Okuyama Associate Professor Japanese Language Education
Kimie Teshigawara Associate Professor Art Education
Miyuki Torii Professor Clinical Studies of Developmental Disabilities
Akio Watanabe Professor Educational Administration, Regional Sciences on Education, Special Needs Education
Takanobu Watanabe Professor History of Western Education, Philosophy of Education
Etsuji Yamaguchi Associate Professor Science Education
Takahiro Yamane Associate Professor Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Family Support for Developmental Disabilities
Koichi Yamashita Associate Professor Educational System
Jun Yoshinaga Professor Contents and Methods of Social Studies Education