Department of Human Development and Community


Human development and the creation of communities that support this development

Degree Programs: Social Empowerment, Psychology, Active Life, Music Communication, Art Communication

This department aims to foster individuals with the skills to create diverse communities where people can live better lives. We provide education and research related to the variety of ways in which humans develop, as well as the communities that support them, aiming for the realization of a sustainable shared global society where people respect diversity. With these goals in mind, this department has established the following two areas of research and education.

  • Developmental Studies Formation: We offer a broad education in order to grasp the full picture of human development, including physical and mental development and humanity’s most essential attributes of expression and behavior (in art and sports).
  • Community Formation: We offer both theoretical and practical education on community formation that employs art and sports activities as resources.

The education offered in this department is unique in its practical approach to active research that incorporates fieldwork, on-site practical studies and study tours both within Japan and overseas, combined with an interdisciplinary and integrated approach that maps human development from multiple perspectives.


Social Empowerment

Minae Inahara Associate Professor Gender Theories, Phenomenology, Clinical Philosophy
Mieko Kiyono Associate Professor Coexistence Society between People and Nature, Wildlife Management, ESD(Education for Sustainable Development)
Koji Matsuoka Professor Lifelong Learning, Informal Learning, Learning in the Volunteer
Rumiko Murayama Associate Professor Environmental Health
Eiji Tsuda Professor Lifelong Learning, Learning Support for Inclusive Society
Hiroko Hirayoshi Associate Professor Fashion Theory
Misako Ohta Associate Professor Music Aesthetics, History of Music
Kana Okazaki-Sakaue Associate Professor Music Therapy, Clinical Improvisation
Keigo Yoshida Professor Clinical Psychology


Naoki Aizawa Associate Professor Clinical Psychology and Psychological Testing (Projective Methods)
Maki Furutani Associate Professor Health Psychology, Sleep Psychology
Hajimu Hayashi Associate Professor Cognitive Development, Educational Psychology
Toshiki Itoh Associate Professor Clinical Psychology
Yoshiko Kato Professor Health Education and Health Psychology
Yoshiko Kawasaki Professor Clinical Psychology
Seiichi Saitoh Associate Professor Developmental Psychology
Miki Sakamoto Professor Educational Psychology, Learning Science
Fuyuhiko Tani Associate Professor Personality Psychology
Miyuki Torii Professor Clinical Studies of Developmental Disabilities
Takahiro Yamane Associate Professor Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Family Support for Developmental Disabilities
Keigo Yoshida Professor Clinical Psychology

Active Life

Shinobu Akimoto Associate Professor Sport History
Makoto Chogahara Professor Sport Promotion, Health Behavioral Sciences, Gerontology
Kazuhiro Harada Associate Professor Physical Activity and Health, Gerontology
Keiko Katagiri Professor Social Psychology, Social Gerontology
Shoko Kawabe-Himeno Professor Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics
Tetsuya Kimura Associate Professor Physiological System, Applied Physiology, Biomechanics
Narihiko Kondo Professor Applied Human Physiology
Masato Maeda Professor Technique of Sports Performance/Sport Biomechanics
Kouhei Masumoto Associate Professor Behavioral Adaptation, Experimental Psychology of Aging
Harunobu Nakamura Professor Public Health
Shuichi Okada Professor Aging Kinesiology
Koji Sato Associate Professor Sports Physiology and Biochemistry
Yoshihiro Takada Associate Professor Exercise Physiology (Physical Conditioning)
Kazushi Takami Professor Exercise Psychology
Rumiko Murayama Associate Professor Environmental Health

Music Communication

Misako Ohta Associate Professor Music Aesthetics, History of Music
Kana Okazaki-Sakaue Associate Professor Music Therapy, Clinical Improvisation
Masato Tani Associate Professor Ethnomusicology

Art Communication

Hiroko Hirayoshi Associate Professor Fashion Theory
Yoshihiro Kishimoto Professor Painting Expression
Tetsushi Nonaka Associate Professor Cognitive Science, Ecological Psychology
Naoki Odaka Professor Kansei Science, Graphic Science, Cultural Studies
Noriko Seki Associate Professor Creation and Research on Contemporary Dance
Akeo Tabata Professor Socio-Informatics
Hiromitsu Umemiya Professor Architectural History