Our global challenges

The Faculty of Global Human Sciences fosters collaborative-minded, global-oriented individuals who are capable of facilitating reciprocal interactions among diverse peoples and across cultural boundaries as well as responding to a variety of issues with keen insight and empathy towards others. There are a number of global issues to be addressed that require collaboration beyond disciplines, such as issues related to the environment, natural disasters, ethnicity, economic disparity, human rights, education, and social welfare, and to this end, the Faculty aims to produce graduates who can collaborate on global issues from an interdisciplinary perspective, freely communicate with people across boundaries, and demonstrate leadership for recognizing and resolving problems. The Faculty of Global Human Sciences was established in April 2017, integrating the Faculty of Intercultural Studies and the Faculty of Human Development. As a result, a high standard of education is provided by more than 160 highly qualified and experienced faculty members.



Numbers of the Faculty of Global Human Sciences

Undergraduates enrolled756
International students enrolled58
Faculty members162

(as of November 1, 2018)