Explore Diversity

Basics - Acquire the basic academic skills for problem solving

The early stage of our degree program supports students in developing their presentation, writing, and ICT (information and communication technology) skills to disseminate information in multiple languages and to respond in a timely manner to the needs of a global society. In addition, students are exposed to the concrete realities of various issues, developing their skills to collect and analyze information and to lead the way in solving problems together with people from diverse backgrounds. Students learn practical strategies for responding to such issues through several of their courses, from which they can select in accordance with their academic goals.

Experience - Experience a hands-on global

The Global Studies Program (GSP) was established as a practical education program for students to acquire the skills necessary for solving global issues. All students select a destination to study abroad that is consistent with their expertise and educational goals. This allows students to achieve a greater awareness and practical understanding of their research area through relevant hands-on field experience, which is intended to support the theoretical knowledge.

Expertise - Acquire expert knowledge from a multilateral viewpoint

From the perspective of the fields of "cross-cultural understanding,” “human development,“ and “environment and sustainability," students develop expertise in communicating their ideas and proposing solutions to the complex problems surrounding multiculturalism, in identifying community structures that support various aspects of human development, and in analyzing situations and taking action to both create and conserve a shared society. As a result of these studies and experiences, students are able to pass on this knowledge to the next generation of leaders.

Global Studies Program (GSP)

The Global Studies Program is a practical-oriented education program, in which all students take part in overseas studies and hands-on field experiences in order to develop a thorough understanding of the global issues relevant to their fields. Through numerous field experiences at both home and abroad, students participate in programs that enable them to work together with people from diverse backgrounds, to address global society-related problems, and at the same time, develop their leadership skills. GPS forms a compulsory element of our degree program, as we believe that undertaking experiential learning overseas cultivates an international mindset that is essential preparation for a successful career.