Faculty Directory by Department


Global Cultures

Global Cultural Formation

Yoko Aoshima Associate Professor Modern European History: The History of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia
Kazuo Fujino Professor Culture and History of Music, Cultural Policy, Artsmanagement
Mamoru Hagihara Professor History of Asia, Legal History of Asia
Hiroko Ikegami Associate Professor Post-1945 Art, Modern and Contemporary Art, Global Modernism
Hirotaka Inoue Associate Professor Political Theory, Public Policy, History of American Political Thought
Keiko Ishida Associate Professor Aesthetics, Art Theory, Studies of Culture and Representation
Fumiaki Itakura Associate Professor Film Studies
Tomomi Ito Professor Southeast Asian Studies, Thai Studies, Modern Buddhism, Women's studies
Kazuko Iwamoto Professor Francophone Literature, Art and Culture Studies
Masato Karashima Associate Professor International History and Cultural Diplomacy
Yuika Kitamura Associate Professor Comparative Literature and Culture
Nobuyuki Konno Associate Professor Japanese Intellectual History
Sachiko Kubota Professor Cultural Anthropology, Indigenous Studies
Hiromi Matsui Associate Professor Modern and Contemporary Art History, French Art History
Rie Matsuya Professor English Literature
Takuya Nishitani Professor American Literature and Film
Keiji Notani Professor English and American Literature, Christian Culture
Shizue Osa Professor Modern Japanese History Cultural Studies Gender History
Takuya Ozawa Professor Modern and Contemporary History of Latin America, Global Histories of Foods
Yasushi Sadayoshi Professor Area Studies of Southeast Asia, Human & Environmental Studies
Chiyo Sakamoto Professor French culture, French literature
Yaroslav Shulatov Associate Professor Russian History, Japanese History, Russo-Japanese Relations, International Relations
Shinichi Tanigawa Professor Sociology, Contemporary Chinese Politics and Society
Naoko Terauchi Professor Ethnomusicology, Historical Study on Japanese Music
Masaru Toda Professor Comparative Literature and Culture
Tougo Tsukahara Professor History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) and STS
Ke Wang Professor Chinese Modern Thought History, National Problems in China, Nationalism in Japan China Relations
Takayuki Yamazawa Associate Professor Classical Studies
Noriko Yoshida Professor French Modern Art and Literature, Social and Cultural History

Global Social Dynamics

Kaoru Aoyama Professor Sociology, Gender/Sexuality, Migration, Research Methodology
Gianluca Gatta Associate Professor Anthropology, Sociology, Euro-Mediterranean Migration, Migrants' and Refugees' Subjectivity
Yoshihiko Ichida Professor Contemporary French Philosophy
Daichi Ishimori Associate Professor Cultural Anthropology, Oceanic Studies
Satoru Nakamura Professor International Politics, Middle East Politics, Peace & Security Studies
Sho Niikawa Associate Professor Comparative Political Institutions, Politics in Germany and Europe
Akihiko Nishizawa Professor Sociology, Poverty, Social Exclusion, Urbanism
Hiroki Ogasawara Associate Professor Cultural Studies
Hiroki Okada Professor Cultural Anthropology, Trans-border/Multiculturalism, Apace Anthropology
Sara Park Associate Professor Migration Studies, Race/Ethnicity/Nationalism
Tsuyoshi Saito Professor Cultural Anthropology, Middle Eastern Studies
Kazunari Sakai Professor International Relations, EU Studies, Migration Issues
Tomokazu Sakano Professor Comparative Politics, Contemporary British Politics
Tetsu Sakurai Professor Philosophy of Law
Yoshiko Shibata Professor Cultural Anthropology, Caribbean & Diaspora Studies, Americas Studies
Naritoshi Ueno Professor History of Social and Political Thought
Kiyoshi Umeya Professor Social Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Folklore Studies, Anthropological Studies of Religion
Masaharu Yasuoka Associate Professor American Government and Politics, Comparative Public Policy

Global Communication

Aaron Lee Albin Associate Professor Linguistics, Second language acquisition of pronunciation
Fumiko Fujinami Professor Translation Studies
Ryoko Hayashi Professor Phonetics, Linguistics, Intercultural Communication
Min Kang Professor Computer Science, Educational Technology
Hidenari Kiyomitsu Associate Professor Social Computing, Data Management, Information and System in Education, Social Information System
Eriko Matsumoto Professor Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience
Junya Morishita Professor Information Science, Multimedia Data Processing, Database
Hajime Murao Professor Social Systems Science, Machine Learning, Data Science
Takeshi Nishida Associate professor Interaction Design, Communication Design
Kazuhiro Ohtsuki Professor Computer Communication Systems, Computers in Education
Cynthia Crosby Quinn Associate Professor Applied Linguistics
Haruka Shoda Assistant Professor Performance Science, Music Psychology, Cognitive Science, Multimodal Communication
Junko Tanaka Professor Second Language Acquisition, Applied Linguistics
Tomoko Tatsumi Associate Professor Child Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Linguistics
Hideo Yuasa Professor Linguistics, German Linguistics, Japanese Linguistics


Human Development and Community

Social Empowerment

Minae Inahara Associate Professor Gender Theories, Phenomenology, Clinical Philosophy
Mieko Kiyono Associate Professor Coexistence Society between People and Nature, Wildlife Management, ESD(Education for Sustainable Development)
Koji Matsuoka Professor Lifelong Learning, Informal Learning, Learning in the Volunteer
Rumiko Murayama Associate Professor Environmental Health
Eiji Tsuda Professor Lifelong Learning, Learning Support for Inclusive Society
Hiroko Hirayoshi Associate Professor Fashion Theory
Misako Ohta Associate Professor Music Aesthetics, History of Music
Kana Okazaki-Sakaue Associate Professor Music Therapy, Clinical Improvisation
Keigo Yoshida Professor Clinical Psychology


Naoki Aizawa Associate Professor Clinical Psychology and Psychological Testing (Projective Methods)
Maki Furutani Associate Professor Health Psychology, Sleep Psychology
Hajimu Hayashi Associate Professor Cognitive Development, Educational Psychology
Toshiki Itoh Associate Professor Clinical Psychology
Yoshiko Kato Professor Health Education and Health Psychology
Yoshiko Kawasaki Professor Clinical Psychology
Seiichi Saitoh Associate Professor Developmental Psychology
Miki Sakamoto Professor Educational Psychology, Learning Science
Fuyuhiko Tani Associate Professor Personality Psychology
Miyuki Torii Professor Clinical Studies of Developmental Disabilities
Takahiro Yamane Associate Professor Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Family Support for Developmental Disabilities
Keigo Yoshida Professor Clinical Psychology

Active Life

Shinobu Akimoto Associate Professor Sport History
Makoto Chogahara Professor Sport Promotion, Health Behavioral Sciences, Gerontology
Kazuhiro Harada Associate Professor Physical Activity and Health, Gerontology
Keiko Katagiri Professor Social Psychology, Social Gerontology
Shoko Kawabe-Himeno Professor Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics
Tetsuya Kimura Associate Professor Physiological System, Applied Physiology, Biomechanics
Narihiko Kondo Professor Applied Human Physiology
Masato Maeda Professor Technique of Sports Performance/Sport Biomechanics
Kouhei Masumoto Associate Professor Behavioral Adaptation, Experimental Psychology of Aging
Harunobu Nakamura Professor Public Health
Shuichi Okada Professor Aging Kinesiology
Koji Sato Associate Professor Sports Physiology and Biochemistry
Yoshihiro Takada Associate Professor Exercise Physiology (Physical Conditioning)
Kazushi Takami Professor Exercise Psychology
Maki Furutani Associate Professor Health Psychology, Sleep Psychology
Rumiko Murayama Associate Professor Environmental Health

Music Communication

Misako Ohta Associate Professor Music Aesthetics, History of Music
Kana Okazaki-Sakaue Associate Professor Music Therapy, Clinical Improvisation
Masato Tani Associate Professor Ethnomusicology

Art Communication

Hiroko Hirayoshi Associate Professor Fashion Theory
Yoshihiro Kishimoto Professor Painting Expression
Tetsushi Nonaka Associate Professor Cognitive Science, Ecological Psychology
Naoki Odaka Professor Kansei Science, Graphic Science, Cultural Studies
Noriko Seki Associate Professor Creation and Research on Contemporary Dance
Akeo Tabata Professor Socio-Informatics
Hiromitsu Umemiya Professor Architectural History


Environment and Sustainability

Natural Sciences

Shigeki Aoki Professor Elementary Particle Physics, Cosmic-ray Physics
Hiroki Ashida Associate Professor Photosynthetic Enzyme
Yasuhito Ebara Associate Professor Bioorganic Chemistry
Masayuki Itoh Professor Astrophysics, Science Education
Toshifumi Minamoto Associate Professor Aquatic Ecology,Environmental Physiology
Kenichi Ohkushi Professor Geology, Paleontology
Nobuko Ohmido Professor Plant Environmental Biotechnology
Harumi Sato Associate Professor polymer Chemistry, Polymer Physics
Yasuoki Takami Associate Professor Evolutionary Biology
Shigenori Tanaka Professor Theoretical Life Science, Computational Biology
Atsushi Tani Associate Professor Planetary Environmental Physics
Atushi Ushimaru Professor Plant Ecology, Urban Ecology, Biodiversity Science

Mathematical Sciences

Taichi Inaba Associate Professor Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis
Masataka Kuwamura Professor Applied analysis
Takahisa Miyata Professor Geometric Topology
Kosaku Nagasaka Associate Professor Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
Yuji Sakamoto Associate Professor Mathematical Statistics
Makoto Takahashi Professor Mathematical Logic and Informatics

Human Life Sciences

Hiroya Fukuda Associate Professor Electrical and Electronic Measurement, Human-Electronics
Yosuke Hirayama Professor Housing and Urban Studies
Mari Inoue Professor Clothing Science, Kansei Engineering
Tomoko Ohno Associate Professor Environmental Sciences and Technology, Landscape Architecture
Masayuki Sato Associate Professor Environmental and Resource Economics, Lifestyle Analysis
Naoko Shirasugi Professor Dietary Environmental Science
Tomohiro Tabata Associate Professor Urban Environmental System Engineering

Social Sciences

Shinichi Asano Professor Social environment, Sociology
Fumiko Furukawa Assistant Professor responsible for environmental research Community-based resource conservation
Naoto Hashimoto Associate Professor Social Philosophy, History of Sociology
Katsuro Inokuchi Associate Professor Social Security, Welfare State, Disaster Victims' Livelihood Problems
Takuya Iwasa Associate Professor Industrial Social Environment
Akihiro Okada Professor Law and Politics in Britain
Kazuhiro Ota Associate Professor Development and Politics
Munenori Sawa Professor Human Geography


Child Education

School Education/Early Childhood Education

Kazushige Akagi Associate Professor Psychology of Developmental Disabilities
Toshio Funaki Professor Japanese History of Education, Pedagogy
Ryo Hasegawa Associate Professor Music Education, Philosophy of Music Education, Improvisation
Shigenori Inagaki Professor Science Education
Ayako Kawaji Associate Professor Instruction, Curriculum, and Human Development
Takashi Kinoshita Professor Developmental Psychology
Sachiko Kitano Associate Professor Early Childhood Education
Shohei Kokudo Professor Growth and development of children, Test and Measurement in Health and Physical Education
Tsuyoshi Meguro Associate Professor Children's Literature, Japanese Language Education
Natsuko Nakatani Associate Professor Early Childhood Care and Education, Family Relations
Yasuyuki Okabe Professor Mathematics Education
Kazuko Okuyama Associate Professor Japanese Language Education
Kimie Teshigawara Associate Professor Art Education
Miyuki Torii Professor Clinical Studies of Developmental Disabilities
Akio Watanabe Professor Educational Administration, Regional Sciences on Education, Special Needs Education
Takanobu Watanabe Professor History of Western Education, Philosophy of Education
Etsuji Yamaguchi Associate Professor Science Education
Takahiro Yamane Associate Professor Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Family Support for Developmental Disabilities
Koichi Yamashita Associate Professor Educational System
Jun Yoshinaga Professor Contents and Methods of Social Studies Education


GSP Office

Satoshi Abe Assistant Professor Anthropology of Religion, Modernity, Ethnography
Iku Karukome Assistant Professor International Development, Social Well-being and Pedagogy
Naoko Mizuno Associate Professor
Tomoko Ochiai Associate Professor
Ai Shoraku Associate Professor